Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Glimpse of God's Love the Day I Missed the Bus

You can experience God's love in every area of your life.
It was close to peak hours on Friday afternoon in Kingston, Jamaica, when the jostling to get onto public transportation would start. After over six hours of teaching that day, I was tired and looking forward to reach home.
I prayed, "Lord, send a bus that will take me home in comfort." I walked to the bus stop, and just I reached it, I gazed at a new very attractive building.
Yes, you guessed it! I missed the bus. My first response was to start blaming myself, "If you were more focused and attentive, you wouldn't have missed the bus!"  It is so easy to blame ourselves, instead of giving the situation to God and trusting him to work it out. This incidence was an opportunity to learn  a little more about God's love and kindness for me. 

As I walked slowly to a more central bus stop, God showed that when I pray, he always answers, like he did when I prayed for a bus. Lovingly, he showed that just like I missed getting the bus, I sometimes miss the answers he sends me, and many times feel that that he did not answer my prayer.
Tenderly, my Heavenly Father showed me that when I miss out on what he provides, I have no need to feel guilty. Instead, I should go him, and ask him to show me the next step to take. He is always there ready to guide me to the best answer or direction.
That was exactly what happened as I asked my Father to provide another bus. I got one shortly and went home in comfort. That evening, I learned  a valuable lesson about God's love for me that I will always remember.
Experiences like these are moving me from just talking about God's love, to a deeper understanding of his love for me. I am starting to understand the true nature of God in a deeper way, that he is concerned about everything about me, because he truly loves me.

Focus Verse: "The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love" (Psalm 103: 8. NIV).

Focus Question: Think of an incident in which you experience God's love in a practical way. Consider how it deepened your sense of God's love for you.
Prayer: "Our Father, thank you that you love me so much that you sent your only Son to die in my place, so that I can have true relationship with you. Father, I want to know your love, I want to experience your love every single day of my life.
Today, I receive a special outflow of your love. Thank you that the love you give is not based on my performance, but you lavished me with your love that I'm called a child  of God. Amen."

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